Frequently Asked Questions

Locations & Space Requirements

Please contact us to learn more about upcoming HOMCUBE docking communities in your area.
The minimum space required is approximately 750-square-feet (30 feet long by 20 feet wide).
Please work with your local housing authority to obtain the necessary permits for your new home, and be aware that regulations vary by location.
For more information on HOMCUBE docking stations, please contact us. Costs will vary based on location and whether or not you have a rental or ownership unit.
Water, power and sewage connect to the HOMCUBE in a single click via one port on the exterior of the unit. The process is simple and fast, and your HOMCUBE will be up and running in no time.

Designing My HOMCUBE

With HOMCUBE, you can create a floor plan that fits your needs by adding cubes for additional living, bedroom or office space. Whether purchasing a single Cube or creating a multi-Cube floor plan, you can choose from three trim options and a variety of color palettes to customize the interior to fit your personal style. Please visit our Cubes page to learn more.
The interior of each HOMCUBE may be customized only from the trim and color options we’ve curated for our Cubes. We offer three siding options for the exterior of your HOMCUBE. To learn more about design options, please visit our Cubes page or you can start designing your HOMCUBE here.
You can change the layout of HOMCUBE according to the configuration options available for each floor plan; however, you can’t design custom floor plans. With the variety of floor plans and configuration options for multiple cubes, you have many alternatives to design a living space that best fits your personal needs.
Yes. One of the major benefits of owning a HOMCUBE is the ability to add space at any time.

Environmental Considerations

HOMCUBE offers energy-efficient features and construction that is economically smart and ecologically responsible.
Yes, tax incentives are available and vary depending on the unit, location and purpose of your HOMCUBE. Please contact us to learn about the specific tax incentives that may be available to you.

Purchasing Process

An initial down payment is required to reserve your HOMCUBE, followed by additional payment installments prior to shipping. Financing is available for all HOMCUBES
No, you do not need a real estate agent to purchase a new HOMCUBE. Our team can assist you through the purchasing process. To find a home that meets your needs or to contact one of our New Home Consultants, please contact us.
Whether or not you need a contractor for installation will depend on your local requirements as well as your plans for the HOMCUBE. You can visit with one of our New Home Consultants about your specific plans, and please also contact your local housing authority to understand their requirements.

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