Reinvent Affordable Housing

Typical condominiums or single-family homes in most major cities are beyond the reach of most first-time buyers, graduating students or adults living alone. HOMCUBE offers an innovative approach to home ownership for a growing demographic of consumers currently limited to rentorship.

Revive the Urban Experience

From vacant city lots to the rooftops of parking structures, HOMCUBE can utilize otherwise unusable space to create new housing opportunities in a shrinking market. With minimal disruption to traffic and communities, HOMCUBE developments create new homeowners and a sense of urban renewal.

Create Endless Possibilities

HOMCUBE is a modern alternative for corporate housing, university dormitories, travel and leisure rental properties -- and much more. We can deliver an innovative modular home solution to organizations grappling with needs for temporary or long-term accommodations.

Reach New Heights

With HOMCUBE’s modular home format, property developers and housing specialists can design flexible, turnkey communities. Our docking stations are streamlined and efficient, with gas, power and water all integrated from one location. New HOMCUBE units are designed for easy one-click connection to the docking station module, with the option to add solar power to any unit.

Developer Interest Form

Interested in learning more about the benefits of HOMCUBE and options for modular home communities? Our New Home Consultants can work with developers and housing/facility designers to bring their ideas to life. Please complete the form below to connect with a consultant.